Consignor Information

Consignor Split:
80/20, no fee

Drop Off Date and Time:
Monday May 2nd, 2015  9:00 am - 3:00 pm

Please bring a SASE (self-addressed stamped envelope) with you to drop off. Include your consignor number in the lower left corner of the envelope.

Drop Off Procedure:
The sale will be held in the gym. Please park near the main (gym) entrance. There will be rolling carts and rolling furniture movers to put your boxes on to assist you.

Once you arrive at the gym, you will need to:
  • Complete and sign your consignor agreement
  • Leave your SASE with our check-in staff, include your consignor number on the lower left corner (there will be a $1 fee deducted from your check if you need to purchase a stamp and envelope from us.)
  • Receive your consignor pass. (Two per consignor)
  • Put your items in designated areas. Pre-sorting and organizing prior to your arrival will speed this process up.
  • You are welcome to leave behind any boxes or plastic bins (marked with your consignor number). We will use these to package any unsold items for you and return at pick up time.
Consignor Pre-Sale:
Monday May 3rd, 2016  6:00 - 9:00 pm
*Please note - Children are not permitted at the pre-sale.

Consignor Pick Up Date and Time:
Tuesday May 3rd, 2016  5:00 pm - 7:00 pm
Donation begins promptly at 7:05 pm
All items not picked up by 7:00 pm will be taken to McKay Used Bookstore for store credit. All store credit will be given to Preston Taylor Ministries After School Program.

Pick Up Procedure:
Once you arrive, you will need to:
  • Sign your consignor agreement in the "Picked-Up-By" box
  • Check the Lost and Found table
  • You will be directed to your unsold items (any unsold items will be grouped together by consignor number)
Check Issue Date:
One week after the close of the sale. Check Mailing Date is Tuesday May 10th, 2016.
Please allow the USPS one week to process, sort and deliver your check.

*Missing check requests will be accepted May 16th-May 20th. Please send your request to Faith at

Accepted Merchandise:
Please visit our Accepted Merchandise page for more details on what will be accepted for this sale.

To register as a consignor click here

Questions? Email Faith at